Work Outside…

Here’s a little video of our patio and the cleanup we did today:




No too shabby for an afternoon’s worth of work!


Yee Hah!!!!




Another Sunny Day


So here we are, it’s almost June and we haven’t been in the 90s yet!!!


Here’s another car of the day for May 30th, 2009:

Chevy Cheyenne 1



This is the Chevy Cheyenne concept from the 2003 NAIAS.




Chevy Cheyenne 2



This is one of those vehicles it’s too bad they didn’t build!






Oh, What A Beautiful Morning!

Here I sit, on the patio, it’s sunny and 61 degrees with little humidity. A cup of coffee on the table and I’m typing on the laptop. Life couldn’t get any better. Just to prove that’s what I’m doing, here’s me!

Like I said…Oh, what a beautiful morning!

So Vikki and I went to the Taste of Maplewood event last night. Let me say we were a bit underwhelmed. We like Maplewood and all the diversity in eating and entertainment but thought the event was quite small and had a church social feel. When we got there the lines were long and some of the booths were closing, from selling out of their wares we assumed.
Our goal, though, was not to eat, but more try to find out about the restaurants we’ve heard of but maybe haven’t thought to eat at since we like a good variety and need to have at least some vegetarian fare.

We did find out that the Deluxe Diner has a few vegetarian options and is priced right. We also found a nifty little place called Maya Cafe, which is great since we love Mexican food!

Since Maya was a little packed, it was right on the strip in the midst of the Taste, we decided to try El Scorcho.

Holy warm salsa, Batman!!!

El Scorcho brands itself as Tex-Mex, which to me means that it’s Mexican-esque, with a kick…and boy is it ever! That salsa, as stated above, came to us warm (which we later found out was because is was fresh off the stove). The salsa was spicy, from chipolte peppers, yet the spice didn’t linger, or build as you eat more.

For an appetizer we had the black bean and queso dip. It was exquisite; spicy but not overbearing with the right amount of queso to make it a thick and rich and very tasty!

Our server was awesome; he kept us in chips and made sure we were happy campers.

For entrees, I had the burrito, which was awesomely huge and full of great flavor and Vikki had the Sexy Sampler, a taco, tostada and enchilada, all vegetarian of course! All was delicious and well worth the price, which was quite reasonable.

For drinks, it was a nice change to see a leather-bound drink menu with choices galore! I had a Mexican Martini that had tequila. cointreau and orange juice! It was awesome! Vikki had a regular margarita which was great as well as it didn’t have any sour mix…after making drinks at home, we’ve become drink snobs and are willing to pay for drinks made the right way – without fillers like sour mix.

So yes, we were very pleased and think this is a good substitute for Chava’s, when we don’t feel like driving down to Soulard.

And now, the car of the day:

It’s the Buick Centieme concept shown at the 2003 NAIAS.

Look familiar?? It should as this is the precursor to the Buick Enclave. Nice, eh?

Summer is Near

With temps hovering in the 80s, and storms bantering about, you know Summer is near. The dred is not so great this year but is still present. The dred is all about the really hot Summers we have here in the Lou.

Speaking of Summer, went out golfing for the first time last week at the Landings at Spirit Golf Club. It’s a “links” syle course that is very flat and fairly wide open. The lack of any hills or valleys is made up by the VERY fast greens. And for the price, I would highly recommend it.

Had a great time with the guys from work. It’s always a little more fun when you scramble as your bad shots can be offset with another’s good shots and you really feel the team atmosophere. My team didn’t win but we had a great time and were able to finish at 2 under!