3-Wheeled Wonders

We live in a great time today, where the startup culture is making life more interesting and shaking up the stodgy, entrenched establishment. Nowhere is this more evident than in the automotive industry.

The biggest player at this point is Tesla. The Model 3 is selling swiftly and the anticipation of them announcing a new, smaller SUV is growing every minute.


Another company looking to make a splash is Elio Motors. Their three-wheeled, two-person gasoline commuter vehicle was poised to make a huge impact but manufacturing setbacks have all but killed their momentum.

Elio Inside

Enter Electra Meccanica. What began in Italy as a company(Intermeccanica) built to deliver high-end custom cars(specifically Porsche 356s) has evolved into a Canadian manufacturer of electric vehicles.


Their first product is called the Solo and it’s strikingly similar to the Elio in concept but different in execution. Where the Elio has it two front wheels as open nacelles the Solo looks more like a traditional car, with the wheels under the main fenders.

Solo Inside

Another big difference is the use of electricity to propel the Solo. It’ll go an estimated 100 miles on a full charge where the Elio, with it’s small and efficient gasoline engine projected to get 84 miles per gallon. If the tank is 3 gallons, which has not been specified yet, then you can go around 250 miles on a tank. Of course, this is all theoretical since neither vehicle has made it to mass production mode as of this writing.

The other big design difference between the two is in the name…Solo. It’s a vehicle for exactly one person. The Elio sports two seats, in tandem, so you can take your bestie along for a fun time.

So what do they cost? Well, I’m glad you asked. The Elio is supposed to start at around $7500 US. Not bad for a commuter car and sometimes beach ride. The Solo, however, has a US MSRP of $15,500.

So let’s break this down…For half the price of the Solo, you can buy an Elio, have more fun because you won’t be waiting 3 hours to charge your battery, bring a friend, and use your savings to take some nice experience-minded trip.

The choice is yours.

Thanks for reading!

…See You Down The Road!