Tesla Model X…Addendum

Tesla Model X Front Falcon Doors

After finally watching the entire launch video…the uncomfortableness of Elon Musk on a stage, which is actually a little comical, was mostly palatable…I have to admit that there are two things that I missed in my previous post.

Firstly, that front end. From the front three-quarter view it’s not bad but straight head on it’s…weird. There’s a great expanse of nothingness under the badge and the opening that surrounds it down to the widely dark and foreboding opening just above the air dam. It just seems that it was cut off too short, adding to the egg look of the vehicle. It is definitely not as profound as the Model S and maybe that’s why it seems odd. It’s just a flat surface heading into the wind that is guaranteed to be a great bug collector in the Summer months.

The second thing I missed was all the storage space in the thing. I should have known that Tesla wouldn’t let the buying public down and they sure didn’t. There is space under the second row of seats, much like a on an airplane, with room for backpacks or other small bags. There is also a deep well in the rear hatch area that seems deep enough to handle large bags and suitcases. I think the only thing you can’t really do is haul a yard of dirt in it…I hope someone proves me wrong on that one!

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