Quant F Concept

nanoFlowcell AG Presents New QUANT F in Geneva

In the ever-increasing world of exotic cars, meaning low volume and non-standard drivetrains and not your run-of-the-mill Ferrari or Lamborghini, there is a new player who is bringing something different to the table by the way of electricity. The company is called nanoFlowcell and that car is the Quant e-Sportlimosine and soon-to-be-announced redesign called Quant F.

nanoFlowcell AG Presents New QUANT F in Geneva

The technology used in the Quant cars is the nanoFlowcell battery. This particular type of battery creates electricity using two ionic fluids, one positively and one negatively charged, and electrolytes to complete the reaction. The interesting part is that the electrolytes are what need replacing when the “fuel” gets low. The ionic fluids are stored in two tanks, each with about 66 gallons of fluid. The nanoFlowcell takes the two ionic fluids and along with the electrolytes, create electricity…enough electricity to push the Quant F to a range of almost 500 miles! The top speed of the Quant F is about 186 miles per hour but since this is a prototype, there has been no real data on how the Quant will perform in the real world.

nanoFlowcell AG Presents New QUANT F in Geneva

A four-seater, the Quant F is designed to take its occupants wherever they want to go in style and comfort.


The announcement of the economy of the Quant and it’s technology begs the question: Should Tesla and the rest of the automotive world be afraid?


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