Where Have All The Drivers Gone

Ever since Google introduced its driverless car program there’s been much speculation about where they could go and how far this technology could take us, literally and figuratively.

Now there’s a slick animation showing just how this could change the way we get from A to B. The speculators are going crazy now.

As an automotive enthusiast, I’ve been thinking about how this really will affect the world and what it might mean for everyone. There’s so much to think about with this that it’s difficult to come up with a good starting point and almost overwhelming, given all the different facets this “issue” encompasses; from basic transportation to freight delivery to insurance and vehicle upkeep and maintenance.

Luckily, this is not something that will change overnight. No, something this momentous will take years to sort out all the intricacies and nuances of just how we get to the end result: Driverless vehicles that will allow us to enjoy more quality time while getting from A to B.

So this beginning is just that, a beginning. Just like the horseless carriage of the early 20th century, the driverless car of the early 21st century will be fraught with setbacks but also triumphs, with new technologies and new ways of thinking. With an open mind we can let the changes happen and realize that life could be better…as long as the technology lets us be who we are and be safe and economical.


Published by

James E. Bryson

Cars make the world go 'round!

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