Let’s Talk About Cars…

2011-Honda-Element-SUV-LX-4dr-Front-wheel-Drive-Photo-7It’s the eve of 2014 and we’ve had some form of motorized personal transportation for well over 100 years. They are intertwined in our lives, economy and hearts. They are fashion, extensions of our personalities, a means of transportation and a safe place. In essence, cars and trucks and minivans are the most multifaceted possession we acquire and also the second most expensive purchase most of us will ever make.

Like most other inanimate objects we give cars a lot of credit for having their own personalities and other human-like traits. The funny thing is they really do have differences that set them all apart. Idiosyncrasies like turning the key a certain way to get the car to start or closing a door a certain way.

elementThe funnest thing for me is to drive different cars. They all drive just a bit differently and each one does have a distinct “personality”.

I recently got the chance to drive the 2013 Ford Fusion SE and it was nice to drive a regular car! My daily driver is a Honda Element and it’s a great vehicle that rides up high. Jumping into a car’s driver seat is like a whole new experience.

Ford-Fusion-2013-widescreen-02One little thing that always weighs on my mind when driving most Fords, the automatic dimming mirrors. I see a use for some people but I like to see everything behind me not a darkened blob of lights.

The reason I was prompted to write this post was getting back into the Element after 6 days with the Fusion. It was refreshing to step up into the vehicle rather than down and to see over traffic rather than struggling to see past the vehicle in front of me.

2013 Ford FusionThe differences between the vehicles are many and vast starting with the tech in each…they both have satellite radio but the Element has a subwoofer; the Fusion has a touch screen and automatic climate control and Bluetooth connectivity but the Element can be sprayed out with a hose and will haul three mountain bikes with ease.

The moral of the story is there are a lot of choices in the automotive world and many more interesting ways for us to get around now more than ever.


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James E. Bryson

Cars make the world go 'round!

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