My Brother From Another Mother

Partnerships in the universe of automotive manufacturing are a way the interested parties to engineer and build vehicles, while sharing costs on all levels. It was automotive partnerships that brought us such wonderful vehicles as the Chevy Nova/Toyota Corolla twins assembled at the NUMMI plant in California and, more recently, the Scion FR-S/Subaru BRZ.

This latest pairing brings together the largest Japanese auto company with one on the smallest and not for a family sedan but for a pure-bred sports car!

Upon first look you may wonder who started this little venture. But if you look under the hood, you’ll see a horizontally-opposed four-cylinder. Unless you’ve lived under a rock for the last 40 years, you should know that there are only two manufacturers who make a “boxer” engine…Porsche and Subaru.

So Subaru started the project but who cares? We have two fine sports cars out in the wild, ready for the taking!!

The styling is pure sports car; long hood, short rear, two doors, low to the ground.


There are more similarities than differences with these two; more like the Camaro and Firebird of the day rather than cars from to completely different companies.2013_Subaru_BRZ3

The engine in each is a 2.0-liter making 200 horses and 151 torques (to coin a phrase).

MY13 BRZ Photoshoot

The cars are almost identical, right down to the upside-down triangle in the center of the rear diffuser. The biggest styling difference is the decorative piece at the trailing edge of the upper front quarter panel. On the Subie, it’s a faux vent. On the Scion, it’s a solid panel with a stylized applique with an 86 in the center…outside the US it’s call the Toyota GT-86.


The interiors are nearly identical as well, with minor trim differences as the culprit.


It does look comfy, doesn’t it?


So whether you choose an automatic or manual six-speed, you get rear wheel drive and a lot of spunk with both cars.

The Scion FR-S starts at $24,200 and the Subaru BRZ starts at $25,495 (with standard NAV and HID headlamps).


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