The G8 Returns…As A Police Car Named Caprice!!

2013 Chevrolet Caprice PPV

Well, it happened. Chevrolet recently announced the return of the rear-wheel-drive sedan for the North American Market and they call it Caprice PPV.

What’s that? PPV? Oh, that’s nothing to concern yourself with. Really.

2013 Chevrolet Caprice PPV

Actually, PPV stand for Police Patrol Vehicle. But pick up your head little camper! It’s not as bad as it sounds! Or is it? From the release GM put out, it sounds like this vehicle will only be sold to governmental agencies, in two models, Police and Detective.

As you can see from the above pics, the Caprice PPV retains the basic shape of the G8  but is shorn with Chevy-family-specific front and rear fascia.

The front end does still have some of the G8’s angles and tapers but the rear sure does look a lot like the Impala!

2013 Chevrolet Caprice PPV

There are two engine choices, a 301 horsepower V6 and a 355 horsepower V8 along with one transmission, a six-speed automatic setup for high-performance driving.

And then you got cop brakes (four-wheel-disc), cop suspension, cop seats (sculpted to easily fit a utility belt) and cop space (with a center console that can accommodate computers and other police equipment”).

2013 Chevrolet Caprice PPV

The Bluesmobile has indeed evolved!

At about this point, I’m feeling a little slighted. The G8 was a wonderful car and it was very painful to hear that since Pontiac was sacked, the G8 was also no more. Let’s just hope that GM will smarten up and bring us a Buick version (or something!!!) for those of us who want a sporty, rear-drive sedan!

Guess us common folk will have to wait until these things hit the auctions when these cars reach the end of life on the police force.

At least Chevy finally has a worthy competitor to the Dodge Charger.

Here is the full release from Chevy:

Highlights for 2013

  • Segment-best 60-0 mph braking and top speed performance
  • Standard 301-hp / 224 kW V-6 and available 355-hp /265 kW 6.0L V-8
  • Segment-leading interior space, with the center console area available for computers and other police equipment
  • Special front seats designed for the long-term comfort of officers whose car is their office, sculpted to fit the bulk of a typical equipment belt.

Product Information


The Chevrolet Caprice Police Patrol Vehicle (PPV) delivers the performance, comfort and safety today’s police departments need. It is a full-size, rear-drive sedan that offers V-8 and V-6 engines, as well as a host of specialized equipment and features.

Unlike other police cars on the market, the Caprice PPV is not based on an existing “civilian” passenger car sold in North America. It has been developed in key areas specifically for police duty, containing modern equipment and features. It is offered in Police (9C1) and Detective (9C3) models.

Vehicle highlights include:

  • Segment-topping performance braking and top-speed performance
  • Standard 3.6L V-6 rated at 301 horsepower (224 kW) that delivers a strong balance of performance and efficiency
  • Available 6.0L V-8, rated at 355 horsepower (265 kW), with fuel-saving Active Fuel Management technology and E85 capability, delivers best-in-class top speed and 0-60 acceleration of less than six seconds
  • Six-speed automatic transmission with sport shift calibrations for high-performance driving
  • Exceptional braking performance with heavy-duty, four-wheel discs and police-calibrated anti-lock system
  • Eight standard air bags with rollover protection and StabiliTrak stability control
  • Segment-leading interior space, with the center console area available for computers and other police equipment
  • Special front seats designed for the long-term comfort of officers whose car is their office, sculpted to fit the bulk of a typical equipment belt.

Caprice performs exceptionally well against other manufacturers’ police vehicles, with the Caprice PPV 6.0L delivering a higher top speed (154 mph / 248 kmh) than the Dodge Charger V-8 or the Taurus-based Ford Police Interceptor with EcoBoost, during Michigan State Police’s annual benchmark police vehicle evaluation (2012-13 models tested). Caprice PPV also delivered a shorter stopping distance from 60 mph than those competitors, as well as 0-60 acceleration of less than six seconds and 0-100 acceleration of 14 seconds.

The Caprice PPV rolls into duty for 2013 with only minor revisions to the interior trim, depending on the equipment group.

Caprice PPV exterior features

Caprice PPV was designed exclusively as a police car and its roster of standard and available exterior features is uniquely suited for police work. Highlights include:

  • Daytime running lamps with reduced intensity are standard
  • Daytime running lamps and automatic headlamps can be deleted
  • Flashing light system for headlamps and taillamps is available
  • Lock cylinders for front doors and trunk are standard
  • Heated outside mirrors are available
  • Spotlamps and spotlamp provisions are available
  • Full wheel covers are available on Patrol model.

Exterior color choice include Phantom Black Metallic, Heron White, Karma Metallic, Mirage Glow Metallic, Red Hot, Alto Grey Metallic and Silver Ice Metallic, Hugo Blue Metallic

Caprice PPV interior details and features

The Caprice PPV is designed to provide maximum comfort so officers can do their job more effectively. The front seats are sculpted to “pocket” the equipment belt, which greatly increases the comfort for a great range of officer sizes. The foam density of the seatback and cushion insert surfaces are designed to conform to the shape of an equipment belt’s various items, too, allowing the officer’s back to rest properly on the seatback surface.

Along with comfort, the materials used in the seats were also carefully selected. High-wear, low-friction materials were chosen to stand up to long hours of everyday use, while breathability, long-term durability and ease of cleaning were also important criteria.

Engineers worked on several iterations of the seat, testing a couple of versions in the field to get real-world feedback from police officers, who used prototype seats in their cruisers for a month. Their input helped determine the final design.

The driver’s seat features eight-way power adjustability, with a reclining back and lumbar control – as well as quick-adjust manual fore and aft movement for additional comfort. There’s also a built-in security panel.

Several standard and available features are offered on the Caprice PPV that make it the ideal tool for police duty. They include:

  • Standard driver information center in the instrument cluster with an oil life monitor and selectable “Trap Speed” feature that captures speed with tracking/pacing other vehicles
  • Standard analog 160-mph certified speedometer, with 1-mph increments
  • Standard tilt and telescopic steering column
  • Industry exclusive front seat-only head curtain air bag
  • Standard “stealth mode” for exterior and interior lighting
  • Standard trunk release button mounted on the instrument panel
  • Available disabled rear interior door locks, handles and windows.

Additional interior features include:

  • Dual-zone automatic climate control is standard
  • AM/FM stereo with single CD is standard
  • Cruise control is standard
  • Common fleet key locking system is available
  • LED-lit red and blue flashing-lights trunk lid warning is available
  • Inoperative dome and courtesy lamp feature is available
  • Remote keyless entry is standard
  • Remote vehicle starting system is available
  • Floor-mounted shifter without console is standard on Police models
  • Lamp, horn and siren wiring packages are available
  • Jet Black is the standard interior color.

Caprice PPV performance

The LFX-code 3.6L V-6 is the standard engine in the Caprice PPV, with the 6.0L V-8 optional. The 301-horsepower (224 kW) LFX is a 60-degree design, with the cylinder block and cylinder heads cast in aluminum for low weight. A forged steel crankshaft provides optimal strength in the bottom end, while the cylinder heads include four valves per cylinder, with a dual overhead camshaft design incorporating continuously variable valve timing.

Additionally, optimized-flow fuel injectors and the integrated exhaust manifolds/cylinder heads promote lower emissions. The LFX’s composite intake manifold also has a comparatively small radiated surface area to help it maintain excellent noise and vibration characteristics. The direct injection fuel system enables greater performance and efficiency, giving it horsepower that even some V-8s didn’t offer only a few years ago.

The Caprice PPV’s 6.0-liter V-8 is rated at 355 horsepower (268 kW) and 384 lb-ft of torque (521 Nm). It features Active Fuel Management technology, which helps save gas by allowing the engine to operate on only four cylinders during certain light-load driving conditions, saving the fuel normally used to drive all eight cylinders. It is also E85-capable.

Both engines are backed by a six-speed automatic transmission that is performance-calibrated for police duty. It features the Sport Mode feature, which delays upshifts and allows earlier downshifts when maximum engine power and transmission responsiveness is desired. Its unique calibration allows the transmission to “understand” driving conditions and select the appropriate gear, even through tight turns, and provides the optimum engine torque.

Additional powertrain and vehicle system features include:

  • 2.92 axle ratio
  • Limited-slip differential is standard with the 6.0L and available with the 3.6L
  • 170-amp high-output alternator with idle boost feature
  • Engine oil (V-8), transmission and power steering coolers
  • Electric cooling fans and EPDM (ethylene-propylene-diene monomer) coolant hoses
  • Available industry-exclusive auxiliary battery for police equipment.

All models feature a four-wheel independent suspension, with heavy-duty components that deliver responsive, high-performance driving characteristics that are crucial in some police scenarios. A tight turning diameter of 38 feet (11.4 m) and a generous ground clearance of 5.6 inches (142.2 mm) enable excellent maneuverability.

Caprice PPV safety and crash-avoidance features

Officer safety is a fundamental element of the Caprice PPV’s design. The body structure features extensive use of high-strength steel and ultra-high-strength steel for greater strength and crash protection, while standard and available air bags offer protection in the event of a crash.

Dual-stage driver and front passenger air bags are standard, along with head curtain air bags for the driver and front passenger, front seat-back-mounted thorax air bags and – new for 2012 – driver and front passenger knee air bags. The front seat-only head curtain air bags enable the use of a full-width prisoner partition for greater officer safety. Combined front and rear head curtain air bags are available, providing rollover protection.

To help avoid crashes, the Caprice PPV includes standard StabiliTrak electronic stability control, with a special police calibration for aggressive driving maneuvers. Large, four-wheel disc brakes with anti-lock (featuring a police-specific calibration) are also standard, along with strong, durable 18-inch steel wheels (with bolt-on center caps or full wheels covers) that are matched with performance Goodyear P235/50R18 tires.


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