Some Kooky Cars Out There…

Sometime in 2010 a new vehicle was announced by Nissan. It was an answer to a question that no one really asked: a convertible version of an SUV…It’s called the Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet. A mouthful to say the least!


As you can see from the above pic, it’s got a funky split window in the rear that seems more form than function. Aside form that gripe, this is one good-looking machine.

This frontal view shows the standard Murano nose and the clean line where the canvas top meets the top of the windshield:


And, according to Nissan, The CrossCabriolet is not a dysfunctional convertible, with room for four people and with enough trunk space when the top is down to fit two “professional” golf bags and two carry-ons.


another quirk of the CrossCabriolet, it will only be offered in one, top-of-the-line model. The only available options are navigation and two color top/interior schemes with certain exterior colors; a brown top with cashmere interior and a black top with camel interior.

Here is a Nissan commercial about innovation that showcases the CrossCabriolet in the first segment:

Nissan Innovations

As you can see, it’s quite an attractive vehicle and is definitely not as utilitarian as the regular model. what I realized when watching this video is that the CrossCabriolet is like any other convertible…it’s meant as a fun drive and status statement and is not meant to be your only vehicle if you need cargo room and passenger space.


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