How To Make A Jeep Grand Cherokee Really Sexy!!

Thanks to the marriage of FIAT and Chrysler, platform sharing is giving Maserati an easy way to get that SUV they’ve always wanted.

Enter the Kubang!!!


While not a lot of info is readily available, this SUV, slated for a 2013 introduction, is supposedly based on the Jeep Grand Cherokee and is a comingling of Chrysler and FIAT engineering. And since it’s a Maserati, you have to believe that this will definitely have the best of both, so it should be a stunner with awesome accoutrements and sound structure.

And since it’s based on a Jeep, you’d have to expect it to have some sort of off-road capability, either mild or Rubicon-Trail-tackling. Either way, it should be one heck of a vehicle!


Of course, since it’s a Maser, it’s going to be expensive. We’ll have to wait for the 2012 NAIAS for all the gory details! And hope they put it out in a different color…


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James E. Bryson

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