What’s Up With Toyota?

So earlier today there was a story about a Prius in California that accelerated out of control. (watch here)

Toyota is having what you might call a public relations nightmare, with recalls, testimony in front of the US Congress and actual deaths from what seems to be unsafe products.

Is it actual defects or human error? Are Toyotas safe or should we stay away? The questions keep mounting and the company stays quiet.

The scene today seems to point towards mechanical or electronic failure. The gentleman called the California Highway Patrol, in a panic, because as he was attempting to pass another vehicle, the Prius kept accelerating, to its top speed (?) of approximately 90 miles per hour.

According to the story, he tried to pull up on the accelerator pedal, with no luck. He “stood” on the brakes, with no luck. Thankfully, the CHP officer had a great idea; Stand on the brakes and pull up the emergency brake. That combination caused the vehicle to slow to about 50 and the officer told the driver to cut the engine, which he did and was able to glide to a stop, safely.

It seems Toyota has a lot of explaining to do and has probably hired the Dream Team to represent them in court…you know there will be many lawsuits.

So what’s left? Basically, what’s left at this point is a lot of questions and a dark cloud hanging over Toyota. The company will most likely stay strong since most people out there were burned worse by the American carmakers and, for now, it’s happening to “other” people.

Now, if more and more people have problems like the guy out in Cali, then we have a whole other pot of worms.


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James E. Bryson

Cars make the world go 'round!

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