2010 NAIAS…What I’m Missing!!!

While perusing one of my conveniently received Cnet emails, I found a link showcasing the GMC Granite Concept at the 2010 North American International Auto Show and it reminded me how I am really going to miss something special with this particular show.

What with the financial troubles the world has seen over the last two years, especially here in the States, this show could be considered a turning point for the American automotive industry.

From everything I’ve read so far, and deduced from my own worldly observations, small is the new big and fuel efficiency is king now more than ever.

So anyway, I love Cnet and how they cover all things Tech, including cars and the tech that’s in ‘em. And with the link I mentioned earlier, I was taken to the video page with all the interesting new cars and concepts, covered by the inimitable Brian Cooley, with all his wit and bourbon-drinking banter…gotta love the guy!

So of the 10 or so vids I watched, I think the most intriguing would be a pair of General Motors concepts and a Chrysler concept:

The Chevy Aveo is a very small car with good mileage numbers and decent build quality, with decent accoutrements but not much power. Well, in concept form at least, that may be changing. The Chevy Aveo RS is a totally tricked out Aveo with a turbo-powered engine, “performance-tuned” suspension and Boy Racer good looks (and an awesome shade of blue!).

I hope  that Chevy will build the RS so that us enthusiasts who value small cars and the efficiencies they afford, have something to drive and really enjoy. Having driven an Aveo a time or two, I can attest that it really does need some suspension tuning and a lot more power under hood.

The other GM concept I gravitated toward is the Buick Regal GS. Yes, a Buick…I’ve always liked how Buick married performance, luxury and design and was glad to see how the new LaCrosse was a great looking design with more luxury aspirations, take that Lexus!

So the Regal GS Concept features a turbo-four and a six-speed transmission, either automatic or (are you sitting?) manual!!! Wow!!! It’s based on the same Opel that the Saturn Aura was, so the Regal should be as stellar as the Aura was but even better!

It’s cars like this that will help GM stay healthy in the future.

On the Chrysler front, there’s not much to talk about. However, I understand that there is a Chrysler concept that’s basically a Chrysler-badged Lancia Delta. It’s near the end of the video and it’s a great looking car that they should really bring here.

Just a few interesting tidbits form this year’s North American International Auto Show. How I wish I was there but I got a lot of house to still pack before the big move!

Thanks for stopping by!


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