Conspiracies Abound

So the conspiracy, as my friends up in Detroit tell it, is that all the games so far have been fixed so that there will be seven games to allow the league (NHL) and  the host cities to make the most money as possible.

I’m not one to subscribe to such theories. I think both teams are playing hard and each wants to win.

Sure, I think it’s peculiar that the home team has won each game (which means Detroit will eventually win!) but, otherwise, the games have been great entertainment and worth watching every minute.

Go here for highlights!

Or here!

And now, the car of the day:

chevy_cruze (7)



Here’s the upcoming Chevrolet Cruze! It’s almost like a mini-Malibu!





chevy_cruze (4)



It’s cars like this that can save GM…






chevy_cruze (6)



Cute, and hopefully fun to drive. Look for it this Fall at your local dealer.


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James E. Bryson

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